It's individual. Each has a unique metabolism and therefore a different healing time. But healing is also affected by the body's current condition, so if someone is ill or exhausted, healing can be extended by a few days. In principle, however, healing takes about 10 to 14 days. But after 14 days, the tattoo must still be protected from the sun, either by covering or with a cream with a strong protection factor (> 30). It is also advisable to hydrate the tattooed area, e.g. body lotion, preferably with vitamin E. When it comes to piercings, it's very similar. Just with navel piercings and also intimate piercings, healing can be extended by a few weeks.

Yes, it hurts, but it's fine. It depends on the place that is tattooed or pierced. More painful areas are areas with softer, more sensitive skin (neck, inner side of arms and legs, groin, ..., or areas on the body where the bone is immediately close (clavicle, elbow, knee, ankle, ribs, ...) .
The pain itself can be described as burning, gentle cutting, ... of course, everyone has a different pain threshold and therefore the feeling of pain is different. However, this is not terrible, as evidenced by the growing population of tattooed and denied people.

Taking care of new tattoos or piercings is mainly about maintaining increased hygiene in the first days. Then it is necessary to use antibacterial soap, avoid contact with dirty things, do not bathe in lakes and swimming pools, do not grab tattoos with dirty hands and protect it from mechanical damage. Don't scratch. Do not pluck rattles. In the case of tattoos, it is necessary to start creaming after three days with a thin layer of healing cream a maximum of 3 times a day.

Warning: The process of tattooing does not end by your departure from our studio!

So that the tattoo has healed pretty well, it is necessary to take care of him for at least the next two weeks. This care is as important as the tattoo itself.

It should be recognized that the tattoo (drawing) is in fact just after the completion an open wound, which is exposed to the surroundings and can be infected. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect and properly treat it.

How to do it:

  1. Immediately after tattooing the skin is medicated by cream and covered with impermeable liner. This should remain in place at least 3 hours, respectively until you get home, eventually to the clean air.
  2. After the recommended time, you can carefully take down the film and wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap under warm running water. Gently pat dry with a clean towel or disposable sanitary towels.
  3. It is recommended to wash the tattoo 1-2 times a day for the first three days. Always wash your hands first with antibacterial soap and then touch the fresh tattoo.
  4. On the third day we can start to cream (tattoo goo, calcium panthotenicum, Bepanthene, MARIGOLD Indulona) the tattoo. Apply only a thin layer, which subsequently thoroughly rub into the skin so as not to leave too greasy film on tattoos. Cream once, maximum twice a day during 14 days.
  5. For the first three days after tattooing always wash the tattoo with antibacterial soap.
  6. During the first 10 days do not buy, have just a showerAlso avoide sauna, pool, swimming pool, natural lakes and ponds (due to the high risk of infection).
  7. Cream the tattoo for 14 days, after this time we continue to care about the tattoo with moisturizing cream or lotion with an increased content of vitamin E (TATTOO GOO preparations can also be purchased directly from us).
  8. After the first month, it is not recommended to expose the tattoo to direct sunlight or solarium.
  9. Symptoms: tattoo during the healing process can slightly hurt, then this discomfort is replaced by itching. Itching is a good sign that tattoo has been successfully healed. During healing there may be small scabs, which do not remove. You could remove also the tattoo itself.

How to take care about your piercing after you left our studio:

  1. Immediately after application of piercing, a given part of the body may become red or swollen. You do not need to worry, this is normal and will disappear within a maximum of three days.
  2. Piercing should be treated - we recommend cosmetics TATTOO GOO, which you can buy from us.
  3. Avoid touching the piercing with hands, you must avoid any contact with foreign objects for at least one week. Also, do not abuse it mechanically, pull or expose other similar factors.
  4. Piercing healing time is directly dependent on the application site, for example:
    • Tongue, eyebrows, nose, ear - about two weeks
    • Lips, chin and belly button - about 4-6 weeks
  5. Piercing shall be levied, at least 1 month, respectively. for the time of healing. It may not be possible to reintroduce its original position.
  6. The part of body where piercing is placed should be washed with antibacterial soap.

We also offer jewelry made of titanium, which do not cause any allergic reactions as can happen with other materials - stainless steel, silver or gold.